Awards & Certificates


Over the years of constructing high quality and revolutionary residential spaces, Manbhum Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd was awarded with the “Letter of Appreciation from GHMC” in the year 2007

“Letter of Appreciation from GHMC” is usually given to a construction company only when all their constructions have been executed according to the regulations made by the GHMC. This award is highly prestigious to nay Construction Company and Manbhum Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd is one of the only two builders in the city who have received this award.


In the year 2007, GHMC notified every construction company to adhere to a common set of rules. Out of which, Occupancy Certificate or OC is rated the highest certification for any residential or commercial building. OC is given to any construction that has zero deviations from the regulations set by GHMC and also the sanctioned plan for a safe construction. On the other hand, the customer also is guaranteed “complete legality of the building”.